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Dir En Grey CD, Dir En Grey Die Autograph, An Cafe CDs & DVDs

  • All prices are in GBP

  • P&P will be added once I know where I am shipping to (unless otherwise stated)

  • All items are in excellent condition (unless otherwise stated)

  • I will ship worldwide

  • I will hold onto items for 1 week after that they will be put back up for sale

  • Don't like the price? Make me an offer


An Cafe Kakusei Heroism ~The Hero Without a Name~ Type C Limited Edition.

1. Kakusei Heroism ~The Hero Without a Name~
2. Respect Mommy ~Hito no Yaku Tatereba ii Jibun no Koto de~
3. Orange Dream ~Bonds Live Ver~



An Cafe Cherry Saku Yuuki CD & DVD Limited Edition.

1. Cherry Saku Yuuki!!
2. One Way Love
3. Cherry Saku Yuuki!! (Instrumental)
4. One Way Love (Instrumental)
1 Cherry Saku Yuuki!! (Video Clip)

Comes with flyer and small photocard (not of the band) - £20


An Cafe Gokutama Rock Cafe CD & DVD Limited Edition.

1. Ryusei Rocket
2. So Boy
3. Cherry Saku Yuuki
4. Nyappy In The World 3
5. Baby King
6. Daybreak
7. Pierced
8. Koritsu Hospital
9. Kakusei Heroism
10. Aijo Cycling
11. Orange Dream
12. Respect Mommy (Bonus Track)
13. Koi No Dependence (Bonus Track)
14. One Way Love (Bonus Track)
DVD (Pal Format)
1 Kakusei Heroism (Video Clip)
2 Ryusei Rocket (Video Clip)
3 Cherry Saku Yuuki (Video Clip)
4 Charinko Man Special (live Documentary - 26.8.2007 Yagai De Nyappy Yanen)

Comes with English lyric booklet - £20


Selling Dir En Grey UROBOROS CD and DIE Autograph!

Album bought at the Kerrang Relentless Tour in 2009.


Autograph received on the same tour.

Ticket is is bad shape however it was like this BEFORE it was signed by Die so the signature is in tact.

This is 100% authentic!


Want both? I’ll sell both together for £30 including the P&P!

(buying separately does not include P&P, That will be calculated once I know where I am shipping to)

I am selling some other items on my LJ HERE!
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