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A load of Jrock items for sale via EBay

Hi Everyone (^-^)/

I have 70 plus The Gazette magazines and Jrock related items to go up for sale in the next fortnight. Including Dir en Grey, LM.C, Nightmare, Pierrot and more, along with some hard to find items such as Gem Cerey and Harugin jewellery. (See below for a few current listings)

Coming from a private collection to fund other ventures.

Must go to a good home ^_^

Any questions please msg me at eBay under user EASY_SELL1987.
If you are looking for something in particular again, feel free to contact me.

Happy Bidding!

Jrock The Gazette Gem Cerey Chandelier Necklace(261540119022)

Jrock The Gazette Harugin Bracelet From Japan (261540085488)

Jrock The Gazette Garish Room Heresy FanClub Issue 1 (261540177272)

Modern Pirates (Japan) Jrock The Gazette Ruki Bracelet (261539198198)

Jrock Nightmare Hitsugi Neko Cat Gloves Limited Edition (261539305046)

Jrock The Gazette Original Photo Set 2 Pulse Wriggling to..(261540139224)
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