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Discomfort { w i n g s }

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Basically this is a community about anything Jrock, you can post anything like sharing some of your favourite Jrock band’s music and info, uploading pvs, requests, leftovers, asking for information on a band and pic spams. Basically this is a community about anything that includes Jrock.Posts that are NOT allowed are: posts that disrespect bands, things not about Jrock(unless for example when uploading or posting leftovers, some other asian mp3s/pvs maybe included).Also if you are caught fighting with another member you will get a warning and if done a second time you will be banned from the community.

For permission of advertising or affilation with other Communities please send an e-mail to one of the addresses below.

.1. Be nice/respectful to others.
.2. Keep posts related to Jrock.
.3. Large images behind an LJ-cut please. See LJ Tutorial if you don't know how to do one.
.4. Try not to post about something/ask about something that's already been asked.
.5. post a reply when u take something someone has uploaded! thank the ppl who take the time to share there j-rock!
.6. no advertising communities without permission from a mod thank you! .

☆E n t e r☆

Credit to iconistas for texture on the banner.

[If you need to contact someone or have questions please contact x_linkinpark_x90@hotmail.com or Rikki_chanXHiropon@hotmail.]